About Steve & Kris

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Stephen Gudknecht

Stephen Gudknecht was 37 years old, and the father of 2 beautiful children. Steve spent most of his life in the kitchens of many local restaurants. His zest for life, and extremely funny personality, kept all his co-workers entertained. He was also serious about his work as the kitchen manager for his last employer. Steve had just been awarded custody of his children, Adrianna and Niko, in January 2018

Kristopher Hicks

Kristopher Hicks was 29 years old, and drawn to culinary arts like a moth to the light. He was always making treats for friends and family. Kris was a natural in the kitchen. He recently found the love of his life, Elaine, and was looking forward to their future together.

Both men loved the restaurant industry, and were murdered at work on September 15, 2018

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If you are not familiar with the murders of Steve & Kris at the Dewitt, NY Chili’s Restaurant, you can click here to search for news articles