2023 Culinary Scholarships Awarded

2023 was a tough year for our Two Chefs awards. So many great essays to choose from!
We decided to expand our scholarships this year. Steve used to work at OCM BOCES and that is where we have been giving out our awards for the last few years. We recently learned that Kris graduated from Orange-Ulster BOCES Culinary program so we have decided to start giving a scholarship there as well!
This year we have 3 winners! How exciting is that?
Katayshia Rogers loves to bake with her family. Her goal is to spread happiness and love around the world. We love this quote from her essay “I always think back to the movie “Lilo and Stitch” and I think of the scene where Stitch talks about “Ohana” which means family, and “family is forever”. No one is left behind; we help each other reach our goals and now it’s my time to shine”.
Preston Tedford was inspired by Sunday breakfasts with his grandmother. When he cooks it brings back those memories for him. He will be continuing to the Culinary Institute of America and hoping to possibly become a private chef or a yacht chef.
Chloe Spencer is from a family with a long history in the culinary arts, and they have all inspired her to follow in their footsteps. Chloe has learned to really observe in order to learn her skill. She is attending SUNY Cobleskill and ner goal is to open her own restaurant using local sustainable ingredients, and to help feed the needy.

Chloe Spencer & Family
Instructor Robert Canorro & Preston Tedford

2022 Annual Two Chefs Scholarship Winners

l to r, Nancy Chappell, Arianna Thompson, Andrea Gerrick and Culinary Arts instructor Robert Canorro
L to R, Nancy Chappell, Arianna Thompson, Andrea Gerrick and Culinary Arts instructor Robert Canorro

We are so excited to announce the winners of the 2022 Two Chefs from Above Memorial Scholarship!
We have 2 again this year!

We loved both of these young ladies so much we couldn’t pick just one, this seems to be a trend!

Congratulations to Arianna Thompson and Andrea Gerrick!!!!

l to r, Nancy Chappell, Arianna Thompson, and Robert Canorro
L to R, Nancy Chappell, Arianna Thompson, and Robert Canorro

Arianna’s dream was to become a pastry chef and receive her education at the Culinary Institute of America, she is now pursuing that dream! She wants to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree in Food Business management with a core focus in baking and pastry arts. She hopes to open her own bakery and possibly a restaurant someday!

L to R, Nancy Chappell, Andrea Gerrick and Robert Canorro, Culinary Arts instructor

Andrea always loved baking with her grandmother and knew at a young age that this is what gives her joy. She is attending Niagara Falls Culinary Institute and hopes to open her own bakery someday with many types of cakes, as cake decorating is her passion.

Congratulations to both of our winners and we can’t wait for you to bring your crafts back to Central New York!