2020 Culinary Arts Memorial Award Recipient – Tyler Howland

Tyler is a graduate of Cicero-North Syracuse High School, and OCM BOCES Culinary Arts program. He was nominated for the $1000 Two Chefs From Above Culinary Arts Scholarship award by his teacher, Robert Canorro. Here are Tyler’s comments.

Tyler Howland

I always loved cooking, since I was 10 years old and I started helping my dad while he was in the kitchen. So when sophomore year came, and they showed BOCES, I decided that I wanted to go to BOCES for the Culinary Program. That just made me more interested in cooking, and being a chef, so I looked forward to go to BOCES every day and help the rest of the class because they came to me before they went to the teachers. Then Senior year came, and I was nominated for the National Technical Honor Society and decided I was going to join the Navy as a Culinary Specialist, but still wanted to go to college which would be the Culinary Institute Of America, so I went to a recruiter and talked with them but they wouldn’t help with college tuition so I decided I was going to go to college first then after college I will go in as an officer and active duty. I feel so sorry for the loss (of Steve & Kris) but think it’s an amazing way to remember them with the Scholarship. Thank You!

Tyler Howland receives the First Annual Two Chefs From Above Culinary Arts Scholarship

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